Audio Expressions

My colleagues and I are currently in the process of reflecting on our experiences with the project, Decomposing Bodies (I describe this project in greater detail in the linked post). Having experienced the project at different phases of development, we have interacted with the data in disparate ways.

As we digitized and began to transcribe the data from these cards, I found myself deeply empathizing with the inmates, although I was reducing these beings into numbers. So many measurements, and very little of anything else. In an effort to express the odd combination of tedium and emotion that I experienced in the transcription phase of this project, I created some time-based reflections of my own. These are short audio files featuring my voice, the unsettling music of Tom Recchion (from Chaotica, 1986), and nothing else. I’m not sure if these little recordings will hold any meaning for anyone else, but I still stand by them, four years after I originally made them in GarageBand!

Counting 1

Counting 2