DH Seminar

LIS 2671: Digital Humanities
Summer 2017

This 10-week course integrated a history of the field with contemporary developments in digital humanities.

General framework of each class:

  1. looked at job descriptions from the field
  2. discussed and evaluated readings, tools, projects
  3. students presented about DH centers
  4. students presented about DH conferences

assignments for the term


may 24: what does a dh project look like?
→ Todd Presner‘s, “The Digital Humanities Manifesto 2.0
→ Miriam Posner’s, “How Did They Make That? The Video!

may 31: data!
→ Daniel Rosenberg‘s, “Data Before the Fact
Stephen Ramsay‘s “Databases
Please explore Data + Design

june 7: digital humanities in the library
→ Paige Morgan’s “Not your DH Teddy-Bear
→ Ben Vershbow’s “NYPL Labs: Hacking the Library
Matthew Gold‘s, “The Digital Humanities Moment

june 14: reading visually
 Johanna Drucker’s “Humanities Approaches to Graphical Display
→ David McCandless’ “Information is Beautiful
→ T
he NEH’s “About the Common Good
→ E
xplore two DH tools to show in class.

june 21: types of DH tools
→ Tanya Clement’s “Where is Methodology in Digital Humanities?
Scott Weingart’s “Demystifying Networks
Tool analysis due!

june 28: the dh community: other voices
→ Amy Earhart’s “Digital Humanities Futures
→ Roopika Risam’s, “Beyond the Margins
→ Kim Gallon’s, “Making a Case for the Black Digital Humanities
Data set/Part I of Research Experiment due!

week of july 4: no class

july 12: digital cultural heritage and digital preservation
→ Peter Walsh’s “Rise and Fall of the Post-Photographic Museum
→ Malina Thiede’s “Preservation in Practice
→ UNESCO’s Concept of Digital Heritage

july 19: evaluating a dh project
How to Evaluate Digital Scholarship,” in Digital_Humanities
→ Bethany Nowviskie’s “Resistance in the Materials
→ Trevor Owens and Fred Gibbs’ “Building Better Digital Humanities Tools

july 26: project-sharing
Final project due!

august 2: on creativity
 The Curious Case of Creativity
→ “Conclusion: Creative Media Manifesto
,” from Life after New Media: Mediation as a Vital Process